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Adult Therapy


At B&B Therapy we strive to ensure our clients receive the best care we can provide. We have tailored our adult therapy rooms to be less like a treatment room and to be more like a calm and relaxing living room. Our adult rooms have dim lighting, a comfortable couch, and electric fireplace that give a warm inviting feel. Our clients and therapists are welcome and encouraged to grab one of our coffee mugs and enjoy a beverage during their session.


Our practice is not your typical therapy practice. We strongly encourage our therapists to use their imaginations, think outside the box, and explore who their clients are as individuals to provide a client centered approach to treatment.
Each of our therapy rooms are stocked with fidgets, stress balls, funny adult coloring books, and sand trays to help our clients stay grounded and present during their session. Our clinicians will work with clients to discover ways to help manage stressors and work through barriers to promote stability and success.

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