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Preteen and Adolescent Rooms

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Relax In Our Cloud Room

Adolescent Room


At B&B Therapy we are truly unique. We have designed one of our preteen and adolescent rooms to feel fun and relaxing while looking up into the clouds. We have a large bean bag chair that our clients love to lounge on while exploring stressors and conflicts. We allow our clients to come in and use the room as they desire. We have numerous fidgets, games, and activities to help our young clients open up and explore their true selves while learning coping and communication skills to manage emotions and relationships. At B&B Therapy, we pride ourselves on developing therapeutic relationships with our clients and that means building trust. Our child and adolescent therapists are encouraged to use their imagination and creativity to help our young clients feel at ease while engaging in the therapeutic process.

Our teen room was designed to help our clients feel less like they are at an office and more like they are sitting in their room at home. We want our teens to see our office as a place of freedom to express themselves without judgment. We love when our clients give us recommendations for decor and express what would make them the most comfortable. Our teen room has numerous fidgets, games, various seating options, and even a paint by numbers that we will hang once they're completed. We have found that when teens have some control over their treatment and environment they feel heard and supported creating more success and a better relationship with their therapist.

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