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Personalized Care and Guidance

B&B Therapy's values are centered around our clients' needs and comfort. We believe first impressions are important in the therapeutic process, not just with the therapist but with the practice itself. When our clients walk in they are greeted with a comfy couch and relaxing music. Our goal is to provide an environment for clients and their families to come and feel at home.


Our lobby has dimmed lighting offering a more intimate setting as our clients and their family wait. At B&B Therapy, we love changing up the scenery and we decorate the lobby and offices for season changes. We encourage our clients to give us feedback to what would make them most comfortable while in our office.


Here at B&B Therapy we appreciate a good cup of coffee. At our coffee, tea, and hot chocolate bar you'll find a variety of options to enjoy while you're waiting or to have during your session. If these options aren't your jam, we also have bottled water and a variety of juice boxes. We encourage our clients to use our mugs to set the mood, but we also have some B&B togo cups to take with you. 

*Shout out to our amazing client who brought us this beautiful pumpkin with our practice logo. Owners, Kim and Stephanie, are truly grateful for all our clients, and we appreciate them helping us make B&B Therapy beautiful and welcoming for all. 

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